Starting an Ecommerce Website

The first step to making money online is to convert your visitors to buyers and, as is the case with any store, your first impression is everything. This includes your homepage, launch day, and initial advertising. Below are the three most important elements to starting an ecommerce website.

Optimize Your Homepage

There are two essential questions every shopper asks themselves when visiting a site online: What are you selling, and can you be trusted with their credit card information? To accomplish both of these implement a very simple and transparent design to your homepage. For example, if you are selling sports equipment you would want to have sports equipment showcased on the front of your website, not have it littered with text and information. It is also important to make the customer feel safe. Offer a clean checkout page and possibly a simple return policy as a way of addressing any buying objections before hand. Above all offer a phone number for contact and support. Nothing will make the customer feel safer than letting them know that someone is there to help.

Launching Your Website

Possibly the most important part to starting an ecommerce website is the actual launch itself. You only get to launch your website once so you better get it right. It is OK to have your website up with a ‘coming soon’ page or something of that nature, however you should keep all of the important pieces and details hidden until the official release. Don’t rush it. Wait until you have the foundation finished with SEO, Social Media, Advertising, etc. out of the way.

Stay up to Date

After starting an ecommerce website it is imperative that you check in frequently to keep updated and follow online trends. Pivotal to this is the growing popularity of mobile devices and social media. Without the implementation of a mobile platform your site may quickly become obsolete in three to five years. In addition, if you aren’t integrating into social media you are falling behind. Platforms such as facebook, twitter, and instagram offer a view into your customers lives as well as supplying you with potential free marketing via word of mouth. The power of social media and the mobile world is limitless.