Effective Wrap Design

Creating an effective wrap design for a vehicle can be a very important milestone for a small business. They offer a very simple and effective form of advertising for any type of company. However, many businesses’ do not understand the fundamentals of wrap design. Here are five easy tips for effective wrap design.

Examine the Job Closely

Before starting the design you should always examine the vehicle closely and take pictures for reference later. Direct profile shots of the vehicle are essential to planning the design and the quote for your customer. A template can only get you so far. The last thing you want is to finish the design and encounter an unexpected customization to the vehicle you’re wrapping. This will set you back immensely costing time and money.

Start With a Brand

Many marketing projects fail due to poor brand identity. A business message should always be the focus of a wrap, telling the viewers at a glance what the business is all about. Without the proper branding your business will be dead on arrival because it plays such a pivotal role in informing your customers and setting you apart from the competition.

Use a Bold Design but Don’t Overcrowd It

The primary objective of your wrap is to attract attention. If it isn’t distracting then it isn’t doing its job. However, the design can not be distracting from itself. If your audience can’t figure out what your message is or see any of the information such as the phone number on your wrap then there is a problem. The easiest way to create an effective wrap design is to remember to use big simple graphics with bold use of colors. Eliminate cluttered and noisy backgrounds.

Beware of Copy

When designing for a small business it is tempting to fill your design with copy to present the customers with as much information as possible. But this can do more harm to your design than good. Adding too much text to a wrap makes it difficult to search for the important information like a phone number or web address. Keep the design and text simple. You should have brand first, then a tagline, web address, and phone number.

Always Get a Sign Off

Always get a sign off from your customer. This is a no brainer. You are making the design for their vehicle so they should like it. The relationship with your customer should be a partnership, something you work together on. If you begin the print before the ‘OK’ and they end up not liking the design you could be in the hole in terms of money and time. Just play it safe and always get the sign off before finishing the product.