6 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Wix.com

Although Wix may seem very compelling with the very user friendly design studio, dont let that fool you. Before you invest time on building your web presence with the wix platform, keep these notes in mind. 6 Reasons why you should not use wix.com!

Reason 1: You Don’t Own Your Content & is “Closed Sourced”: Wix, since a proprietary software is built only for people that are customers of Wix. Meaning if you want to move your website to another host, Wix will not allow that since you are technically only leasing their building platform.

Reason 2: Search Engines Including Google Don’t Index Well: Again since Wix is a closed source software makes it tougher for search engines to index and read your site. What does that mean? Less potential clients coming to your site!

Reason 3: Not as Easy as you think if you don’t know graphic designLets face the facts although wix may show you stunning templates and designs, doesn’t make you a designer. Most web development companies will tell you the hardest part in making a successful website comes to the design and content of your website. This is what you pay professionals to do. You may find yourself spending 100 plus hours that a typical designer can do in a matter of hours. For what your time is worth is for you to judge.

Reason 4: Not Scaleable for your needs: How does this affect you? Since Wix is technically what we call a closed source content management system, you are limited to only the functionality and technologies that they readily have available. So as your business expands wix is likely not scaleable to meet your needs.

Reason 5: Slow Loading Websites: Since wix is powered by flash and other technologies, these methods are old and will create a lag to your website. Speed is important to every website. Ask Google, its one of the main components when doing optimization to your site.

Reason 6: Wix Advertising to your customers: Wix screams ads all over your site, do you want to show your clients or perspective clients that you are using a do it yourself program? And then have your customers redirected to another persons site or even worse a potential competitor?