Content Marketing

No matter what kind of business you operate quality content should always be part of your marketing strategy. It holds a place in every part of your company including its identity.

That’s why so many marketing experts say ‘content is king’. Content can drive conversions, improve traffic, establish relationships, find leads, and it influences just about every other kind of marketing you can think of.

Want to start an email campaign? Someone has to write the content for that email. It even plays a big role in funnel marketing. Start growing awareness and interest in your business with a solid, Nerd approved content marketing strategy!

Custom Content Campaigns

Our content marketing Nerds take a calculated approach to implementing your content campaign. We start every new project from scratch and hand craft a new plan with your business in mind. Often, the Nerds like to get to know your company beforehand so they can better customize it to your specific needs. After all, the numbers are just as important as passion for the job.

SEO integration

Some firms look at SEO as purely numbers but Google wants good content just as much as your readers. The purpose of all digital copy is to provide relevant information and a positive user experience. Nerdfirm writers take the creative freedom of literature and blend it seamlessly with the hard factual nature of analytics. Every piece is highly optimized to fit the key markets you are competing and is built to position you at the top of Google’s SERP’s.

Social Media Content

Social media is the voice of your company and the best way to build a relationship with your audience. Your personal social media Nerd is an expert in creating strategies that grow your influence. We work with you to determine which platforms will yield the greatest results and improve your brand awareness. Today, over 80% of Americans have some form of social media account. Turn them into avid fans through our empowering social media content.

All Kinds Of Content

Nerds don’t just specialize in one type of content. We’ll use our talents to reach out to every audience you can think of. Our team is prepared to receive our well deserved A+ on whatever ‘assignment’ you give us, be it:

  • Blogging
  • Longform Guides/Articles
  • Infographics
  • Templates
  • Checklists
  • Creative Pieces

Let us help you make a professional
Content Marketing!


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