Funnel Marketing

The way to a customer’s heart is through the funnel. This illustrates the customer journey towards the purchase of a product or service. As a business strategy, funnel marketing techniques respect the client status at each phase, builds your name they way you wish, focuses on company development, and generates a vision from introduction to conversion and beyond. To accomplish this, our marketing model drives amid five stages:

Create awareness and let them notice you

A subtle way to market your brand is to show your audience a solution to one of their pain points or problems. Present them with value before any ask as the key here is not to sell. Thus, this is the awareness the client requires to notice your worth.


At this point, your target consumers are in the thinking phase. We all must sit with ideas and get comfortable before we bite or pass. This is the opportunity to build a deeper relationship and provide educational content that is specific to your subscriber.

Conversion from prospects to buyers

Your target consumer is now ready to buy and the goal is to convince your subscriber to purchase from your business. They are ready to learn and focus on the advantages and benefits of your product and services. This is the time to demonstrate your talents, talk about your strategy and vision and why you are better than your competitors. Use this client decision time period to nudge, not overwhelm them, toward the purchase. This converts your prospects into customers.

Customer loyalty matters

In order to retain your clients and maintain a good relationship, never stop courting them. Provide useful, educational content that adds value. Repeat clients and longtime customers are the foundation for the last phase of funnel marketing, word of mouth.

The word of Mouth

Word of mouth advocacy and testimony is the most powerful marketing strategy a business can generate. Reaching the goal from customer to fan strengthens all relationships. It established connections, to refer your business to clients and friends, shapes your reputation and credibility, and ultimately is free advertising.

Funnel marketing does not end here. For us it becomes a cycle of successful business ethics and practices. We do not forget our clients. We would love to answer any questions you may have.

Let’s get started on your first Funnel Marketing!


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