Know About WP Development

computer showing code for wp developmentSo you’re looking to turn your coding hobby into a full time career? Or perhaps you’ve heard about all of the job opportunities in WP development? Regardless of your motivation WordPress is a good medium to start your development profession in. Because of its astounding success as a content management system it has been well documented and streamlined to be transparent and easy to use. Becoming a web developer has never been easier thanks to WordPress but it is still essential to understand the basic languages and habits of the system.

WP Development Languages

WP development begins with the very basics and that is understanding what makes up the site and how to understand it. The most common language on the web, PHP, also controls the most basic functions of WordPress and is the primary code for it. This is followed by HTML which is the backbone of WordPress. Then CSS, the smaller details and aesthetics. And finally Javascript, the automation and behavior of the site. You can find more in depth explanations of these languages through classes or tutorials however, it would be best to start in PHP or HTML.

Practice and Study

No one ever slept on an idea to see it come to fruition the very next morning. To get the best clients and make the most money you need to practice. There are many coding classes in college and online. Three great online tutorial resource are Treehouse, Tutsplus Premium, and Code Academy. Still, some of us aren’t fit for classes or can’t afford a premium membership. In this case study is key. WP development is exceptionally well documented and is very popular. This provides an overwhelming supply of reading material available to you anywhere as well as an ever growing community. The best way to find new material on WP development would be through WordPress codex. This is a simple community repository for information on WP development.

How you decide to learn WP development is ultimately your decision. It is important to keep goals in mind. The top developers make the big money and have the freedom to pick and choose the projects they want to work on. But you will never make it there if you don’t have a clear path or if you don’t practice. WordPress is one of the largest and most well documented CMS’ to this day providing millions of websites and job opportunities. Follow this guide to cement your place in the web development industry as a WP professional.