WordPress Development on Digital Excellence LLC WebsiteYears ago searching for a career in WordPress development may have been considered a risky move. But now it has become the most common CMS in the world. While it may seem to be a difficult task at first, learning several different coding languages and how to apply them realistically, becoming a WordPress developer is quite easy. It just takes a little bit of time, patience, and knowing where to start.


To begin, you may be completely new to coding. That is alright because everyone starts somewhere. However, if you find that you are searching for a plugin to fit your solution every time rather than coding you are putting your self at a disadvantage. So to start, you should learn the basic language: HTML, then CSS, and finally PHP. These languages build the foundation of WordPress’ core. There are many courses you can take to learn these but if you just want to familiarize yourself in them you can set up a ‘local development environment.’ This is just easy to install software that acts like a webserver allowing you to practice coding in your own room without affecting any sort of live website. These languages are the fundamentals of any part of WordPress development and will be used throughout your entire experience on the platform.

The Three Major Components

There are three major components that make up the functionality of WordPress: the core, themes, and plugins.

  • The core code makes up the appearance and functionality of WordPress.
  • The theme changes the appearance of the frontend of a WordPress website without affecting its core software.
  • Plugins are pieces of software added to a WordPress website to add unique functions. These are written in PHP.

What to Develop

Jobs in development can include any of these three major components and the new REST API.

Core code developers work as volunteers. Thousands of volunteers around the world help to develop WordPress and while you need to have significant experience to contribute to the WordPress development community you can start by identifying bugs and sending patches. This is the best way to start getting involved.

Theme development is quite simple and has a large market. You can work with individual clients to develop themes to fit their personal website needs or you could go into the theme sale business selling your theme on online marketplaces. The number one theme on Themeforest made roughly $81,000 in one week.

Plugin development is the most open ended of the development paths due to the nature of plugins. Plugins give you total control of your website letting you decide whether it will be an ecommerce site or a social media platform. There is endless potential to the power of plugins and a seemingly limitless supply of them online. The market for WordPress plugins is huge.

REST API will come later in your development journey. An API is a programming architecture designed for network applications. It can be used to connect your site to other websites or applications. For instance, you could connect your blog directly to your twitter posts and allow your posts to be displayed on your site. Or you could develop your own app for your website from scratch.

WordPress Development

WordPress is a constantly evolving platform with many different paths and career choices to choose. With so many changes and decisions it is very intimidating to become a WordPress developer. But this is the strength of WordPress. It is so accessible and adaptable to the changing world around it that careers in WordPress development will be around for years to come. The constantly connected world of the internet is the future and there is money to be made. If you are looking to have a website built by a team of professional and talented developers then call 602-396-5755 today!