Ever since the relatively recent introduction of smartphones to modern society the need for simplicity and convenience has sky-rocketed, rapidly expanding the market for app development. Powerhouse Group is a team of developers that aims to bring you innovative, creative, and cutting-edge mobile ready websites and apps for your budding business. Whether it’s bringing an idea you have to life or streamlining the services you offer, Powerhouse Group’s Phoenix App Development team can find the solution.

App Design and Interface

On smaller screens meant for limited viewing it is imperative that you catch the viewers attention quickly. Our Phoenix app development team focuses on bringing you a sleek professional look for your app that your customers are sure to find intuitive and easy to use. Beginning with a quote, we work closely with our clients ensuring that you are receive the quality of work you desire.

  • The Idea – Our process begins with brainstorming. What is the theme of your app and what sets it apart from others of its kind?
  • Mapping it Out – Next is setting up the roadmap. Is this going to be original or based off of something pre existing? We work with you to put the development steps in order.
  • Design – Next we begin the designing process. This is mapping out the UI often on pencil and paper to get a feel for the work we are about to begin.
  • Development – Finally the development process begins. We routinely test each platform your app is on to ensure that it will be running smoothly.

Last of all is the launch of your brand new app. We pay very close attention to the first several days of activity to bring you the smoothest launch possible. But our work doesn’t stop here.  After launch we shift into maintenance mode gathering data and giving you feedback on your apps progress. This process is to fine tune your app into a long lasting business asset.

Our job isn’t finished until we have turned your app into a necessary part of your business model. By working personally with our customers and always bringing quality work Powerhouse Group sets a new standard for Phoenix app development. Call 602-396-5755 to start developing your new ground breaking app today!