Phoenix Fleet Graphics

Clean My Paws Phoenix Fleet Graphics by Powerhouse GroupUse Phoenix Fleet Graphics to Improve Your Brand

Today, cars are more essential to the average person’s everyday life than they have ever been. Everyday the vast majority of society hops in their vehicle, drives to school, work, the store, etc. passing hundreds of other vehicles on the way there. Why not use that natural everyday downtime to promote your own business? Powerhouse Group will turn your car, van, truck, boat, or other vehicle into moving art. Just chose the message you want to send and we will bring your Phoenix fleet graphics to life.

Why Use Fleet Graphics?

Advertising has come a long way in recent years meaning that vehicle advertisements have only become more and more advanced. No longer is it just simple lettering pasted on the side of your trucks. Now your goal is to catch the eyes of overstimulated consumers traversing the streets. The objective is to make your vehicle POP, grabbing their attention and keeping it.

Go Big

A full wrap is the way to go. Most starting businesses won’t have the budget to wrap an entire vehicle. However, when it is available the results are worth the effort. Coloration is key and our design team at Powerhouse Group will work with you to maximize the visual output of your Phoenix fleet graphics.

Make it Pop

Vinyl decals are the optimal way to ensure that your vehicle is the center of attention on the road. Also known as spot graphics, Vinyl is an adhesive film that we print on in full color, exemplifying the self expression of your vehicle. Vehicle lettering and graphics garner around 900,000 impressions a month so it is important to make your advertising memorable.

Have a Message

Essentially, a wrap is a message to the viewers of what the company is about. For example, do you focus on quality of work, speed, customer satisfaction? These are all things to consider when applying vehicle decals. When your company reaches the top you want it to be clear who and what you are. The meaning behind the name and logo. Then this will, in essence, become your brand.

Let Powerhouse Group take care of your vehicle wraps for you. Each wrap receives special care to ensure that it is given eye popping quality. Additionally, Our professional methods and advanced digital printing equipment ensure that your graphics come out in the best possible resolution and vibrant colors. We deliver the best Phoenix fleet graphics at the best prices. Call 602-396-5755 today so Powerhouse Group can give your brand the recognition it deserves!