Retargeting Marketing

Those familiar with the sales funnel know what an effective marketing strategy looks like. However, even the most airtight advertising plan loses customers occasionally. But what if there were a way to specifically target those lost sales while they are shopping for exactly what you provide? Retargeting does just that.

It allows you to market to an audience that is guaranteed to be interested in your product\service. Now, you get another opportunity to convert window shoppers, snag price comparisons, and sell that abandoned cart!

Develop A Targeting Plan

Retargeting presents a unique opportunity to get a second chance with customers that have already shown interest in your service or product. To capitalize on this, our Nerds work with you to develop a strategy catered to your company’s specific needs. We start with a complete audit of your site to find out what your visitors are interested in, why they leave, and where they are going.

Create Ads / Ad Copy

Nerdfirm copywriters are experts in closing the sale. We create professional targeted ads with content that is built to generate interest and promote action. Every piece is optimized to perform well on Google’s search engines and abides by their “best practices” so you won’t be penalized or de-indexed by Google’s algorithms. Our goal is to write exactly what your audience wants to hear and show it to them exactly when they are ready to hear it!

Comprehensive Funnel Integration

Retargeting is an endeavor that can greatly benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes. But the journey of retargeting has many twists and turns. We continuously optimize the campaign through a variety of techniques so it flows seamlessly with your marketing funnel. This keeps your workflow steady and maximizes ROI by not wasting ad spend or turning off potential customers.

Optimization & Analytics

Retargeting is a gold mine for analytics thanks to its extensive use of cookies. For every customer that visits your site, that’s another added to a list of already interested prospects. Take advantage of this with a team of Nerds on your side punching the numbers and recording the data for you. This information is priceless knowledge that can tell you where all of your customers are going, how many see your ads, and how many return to make a purchase.

Find out how Retargeting can help you improve your business!


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