WordPress Update Service

The WordPress Content Management Software is an open source software that is customized to your likings. Your website in wordpress is not necessarily designed all within wordpress itself but actually by a number of software programs that really define or add characteristic to your site. Being that it is open source, developers around the world are constantly fixing errors or adding new features to make that portion much better or more reliable. However when they make changes to these programs, an update on the client side is needed for a few different reasons.

  1. Security risk in the compromise of your site by hackers forcing entry into your application.
  2. Newly added features adjustments to bring more ease, and/or options
  3. Fixes to any issues that you may have been experiencing

Sometimes, when an update is available it is not as easy as clicking a button and it being done, as the newly added changes may actually compromise the look and feel of your site and you may lose some or all of the work that you have done in the update areas.

At Powerhouse Group, we make an entire copy of your website and SQL database and perform and update on an offsite server to verify and monitor the newly added changes, do not make any visual or functional issues moving forward. Once it checks out through our thorough investigation, we then proceed with the updates on the clients end like nothing ever happened and inform our subscribers with a detailed inspection report with the newly added features or fixes.

Normally throughout a month span, a website normally sees 10 or more updates that need to be overlooked by a professional developer. For only $19.99 we relieve the stress and ensure that your site is well taken care of on a monthly basis.